Prelude, 2018 - 2020

(Work in Progress)

This body of work came to fruition during a moment of contemplation, in my studio, looking at my hands in the sunlight. During this time I knew the light was fleeting and I only had a few minutes to enjoy the scene, so I took a photograph of my hands shaped like a bird. As the light past I knew many photographers have this experience of seeing something short lived and the challenge in photographing something so ephemeral.

Presented as a series of sequential images, Prelude explores my mundane reality through staged photographs of fleeting everyday moments. Inspired by a director’s use of storyboards as a tool to pre-visualize their films, the work adopts this format allowing it to exist as both individual works and a collective story. Through sequencing still images together the viewer interprets the movement between frames, creating a sketched out narrative of  moments that would otherwise pass us by. Similar to viewing a film strip or rapidly scrolling through a set of images, I believe this method of sequencing gives context to "the moment" that photographers look for while shooting. The works take place in various domestic spaces, where in our most private or vulnerable moments we create our own psychological landscapes. Through the progression of the narrative, we are shown actions of release, play, and contemplation, as the series moves through a nonlinear day of the subject.

This body of work became a way for me to start over and dissect how I view photography, time, motion, and the importance we place on a singular image. Through the production of this series, I am also able to reflect on where my photography practice began: in my bedroom photographing my existence.

Michael Seleski 2020