Michael Seleski is a queer identified artist living and working in Toronto. Born in Lethbridge, Alberta in 1993, they received their BFA in photography from OCAD University in 2016. Seleski’s influences are varied, culled from their personal relationships to self-reflective memories. Often, Seleski draws inspiration from the complexity of a character’s identity and their freedom of personal expression. Working primarily in a studio environment, Seleski is fascinated by digital photography and role still and moving images have in shaping our cultural understanding of self and individuality. Seleski has exhibited locally in Toronto and recently participated in the inaugural Slide Slam at Red Hook Labs. Seleski is fortunate to be included in various private collections and is a recipient of awards from Epson and Project 31.

Seleski’s practice involves questioning issues revolving around gender and identity politics, often looking at the depictions of queer bodies framed within contemporary photography and popular culture. Seleski’s work aims to explore a new kind of queerness that is self-reflective and celebratory of a vibrant individuality.


Born 1993, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Lives and works in Toronto, Ontario.

2016 BFA Photography, OCAD University, Canada
2016 Mastered Photography with Nick Knight

2019 Labs Slide Slam, Red Hook Labs, Brooklyn, New York.
2017 Gender and the Lens, Ada Slaight Gallery, Toronto.
2017 Yorkville Village Arts Festival, Yorkville Village, Toronto.
2016 Casey House Art with Heart Auction, The Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.
2016 Festival of the Body, OCAD University, Toronto.
2016 Graduate Exhibition 101, Ada Slaight Gallery, Toronto.
2016 Objects for Listening, OCAD University, Toronto.
2016 New Century, Contact Photography Festival, Northern Contemporary, Toronto.
2015 Festival of the Body, OCAD University, Toronto.
2014 The Figure Show, OCAD University, Toronto.
2014 Tumblr.Hell, White House Studio Project, Toronto.
2013 fART, OCAD University Student Gallery, Toronto.

2016 Epson Canada Award
2016 Project 31 Award

2017 - 2019, Senior Retoucher, SSENSE, Montréal

2018 #TOOMUCHMEDIA with Alisson Escobar, Too Much Zine. Print.
2016 Casey House Art with Heart Catalogue. Print.
2016 Michael Seleski (Thesis Works). Self-Published.
2016 Farewell Fire, RAGE Magazine. Print.
2016 Kink Grrrl, It Is What It Is Magazine. Web.
2016 New Century, Malavita Collective. Print.
2015 Visionary, Bon Bon Magazine. Web.

Michael Seleski 2019