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After All
2015 - 2016

How we dress has been used as both a means of defining ourselves, and rebelling against those who try to confine us. As a queer individual I always found fashion to be the most important and immediate ways to express oneself given its relationship to the body. Fashion and its broader cultural contexts also inform us of a gender. Gender is the perceived result of behavioural, cultural, or psychological traits typically associated with one sex. Throughout my research and images, I look to celebrate queerness and gender in its varying degrees and processes, instead of defining it as a “result”.
After All is an attempt to look at celebrating gender and identity. Queerness in its varying communities is currently represented by different pride flags, which act as umbrella symbols, and provide a sense of connectedness to people so often severed from the rest of the world. Inspired by a need for new representation, the pride flags have been viewed as if they were artworks from the Colour Field movement, and reimagined as portraits that showcase gender’s entire spectrum.

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